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Wrestling's Demi-Smarks

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//About the comm:
A place for that special breed of wrestling fans known as demi-smarks to talk about WWE, TNA, ECW, and other feds past and present.

This is no longer a rating community, but there is a survey type thing. Its not required but it'd be awesome if you filled it out and posted it so we can get to know you better.

//What is a demi-smark?:
Somewhere between an oblivious mark and the sometimes pretentious smarks are the demi-smarks, a label made up by myself to describe the ones like me who fall in between. A demi-smark might read all the gossip, and know what's "really going on", but they're not quite as jaded as the "true smarks"....

//Rules and Such:
-- You must love wrestling. Why are you here if you don't?
-- Answer as much of the survey as you want, just italicize your answers, ok?
-- No tYP1ng LyK tHi$ OMG. Perfect grammar and spelling aren't required though. This isn't English Class.
-- Promotion isn't required for joining, but if you want to promote a community here, it must be part of an actual post (not just the advert) and you must promote this comm somewhere and provide a link. Equivalent exchange, ya know?
-- Drama, flaming, and pretentious people suck. If you're predisposed to any of these, you might not want to join.


//Other Stuff:
Nothing at the moment.