The Charismatic Enigma (totallydumbazz) wrote in demi_smarks,
The Charismatic Enigma

Name: Lenny
Age: 22
Sign: Capricorn
Location: Lexington, NC
Birthday: December 29th
Photo: (optional, will not be a factor in rating) Check my Icon. :P

//Non-Wrestling Stuff:
Favorite Bands: (at least 3)
* Rage Against the Machine
* Marilyn Manson
* The Roots

Favorite Movies: (at least 3)
* Requiem for a Dream
* Happy Gilmore
* Billy Madison

Three things you like that aren't wrestling:
* Video Games
* My fiancee
* Myspace


Top 5 Wrestlers of all time:
* Ric Flair
* Harley Race
* Bruno Sammartino
* Lou Thesz
* Bret Hart

Top 5 Non-WWE wrestlers:
* CM Punk *In OVW, Not in WWE yet*
* Kenta Kobashi
* Jushin "Thunder" Liger
* Samoa Joe

Top 5 Finishing Moves:
* F5
* Tazzmission
* Cradle Shock
* 5 Star Frog Splash
* Stan Hansen's Lariat

Top 5 of your choice: *Divas*
* Mickie James
* Victoria
* Trish
* Trinity
* Lita

Another Top 5 of your choice *Aerial Moves*:
* Swanton Bomb
* 450 Splash
* Shooting Star Press
* Split-Leg Moonsault
* Houston Hangover aka Flipping Leg Drop.

*How long have you been watching wrestling? 10+ years.

*How did you get into watching wrestling? Grandpa's old school matches.

*What is one of your earliest wrestling memories (first match/wrestler you remember)? Race vs. Flair. Those matches will teach you what wrestling is and should be.

*If you were a fan at the time, who did you want to win the Monday Night wars and why? (if you weren't, this question won't count against you) WCW, It shot itself in the ass and forgot what got them there. **TNA is doing things similar but they need not make WCW's mistakes**

*Have you ever watched any other federations/promotions besides WWE? Yes. NWA, TNA, ROH, NJPW, NOAH and WCW.

*Have you ever been to a tv taping or house show? Yes.

*Have you ever met a wrestler? No.

For this section, just write whatever you think about the topic...Pick at least five.

*TNA: Good product that makes dumb decisions and never loses with them.

*John Cena: Restricted Wrestler who's character seems off kilter. Cena > HHH

*Tim White: Since I have played Russian Roulette before and watched a friend kill himself, Suicide isn't funny.

*2006 Hall of Fame Inductees: Bret deserves it. Eddie = More death exploitation. Mean Gene? Sherri = Diva Pioneer. :|

*WWE Tag Team Division (or lack of): *Yawn* MNM and who else?

*Edge: Best heel besides Angle in the WWE.

*Wrestling Gossip Sites: Suck except the Wrestling Observer.

*The Ultimate Warrior: Boring.

*Raven: Like his character. Never goes stale.

*ECW: Saved Wrestling. Similar to what TNA and ROH are doing now...

*Triple H: Kills the WWE by himself. Vastly overrated and egotistical.

*John Laurentis: Idiot.

*X Division: Thank god they exist. They may save wrestling.

*Ring of Honor: Small promotion with a intensely loyal fanbase. Where TNA gets their greats and where WWE finds ones to kill with shitty gimmicks.

*The McMahon family: May Vince not die before Steph. Please...

*WWE (in general): A car with 3 flat tires, bad carborator and no A/C.

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