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vote on this now...SUCKA!

(By the way, I love the Lj-cut and I'm fillin this out 'cause I am bored. lol)

Name: Ty
Age: 13
Sign: Leo
Location: Virginia
Birthday: July 27th
Photo: (optional, will not be a factor in rating)

//Non-Wrestling Stuff:
Favorite Bands: (at least 3)
*Hawthorne Heights
*My Chemical Romance

Favorite Movies: (at least 3)
*(not sure if this counts, but I'm gunna put it anyways)Wrestlemania XXI/Hall of Fame
*Night at the Roxberry
*Detroit Rock City

Three things you like that aren't wrestling:
*Writing stories
*Being online/on Livejournal
*watching TV


Top 5 Wrestlers of all time:
*John Cena
*Trish Stratus
*Ken Kennedy

Top 5 Non-WWE wrestlers:
*Aj Styles
*Christian Cage
*Jeff Hardy

Top 5 Finishing Moves:
*Batista Bomb
*Angle Slam
*Sweet Chin Music

Top 5 of your choice:(theme music)
(present)*Rey Mysterio
*(whose that jumpin out the sky)Rey Mysterio
(present)*Trips (Triple H)
(present)*Eugene [It makes me happy]

Another Top 5 of your choice:(divas I guess. Even though I already did one or two. lol)
*Trish Stratus
*Lilian Garcia
*Maria Kanellis
*Stacy Keibler

*How long have you been watching wrestling? About a year....

*How did you get into watching wrestling? The two little boys I watched on weekends

*What is one of your earliest wrestling memories (first match/wrestler you remember)? Undertaker, and the RKO RIP video, and then Kane coming and Scaring Randy. Speaking of that, I wrote a paper on that lol.

*If you were a fan at the time, who did you want to win the Monday Night wars and why? (if you weren't, this question won't count against you) Didn't watching then.

*Have you ever watched any other federations/promotions besides WWE? TNA, that's it.

*Have you ever been to a tv taping or house show? I went to Raw on January 15th. It is was a house show.... I guess. lol. </i>

*Have you ever met a wrestler? Nope. =(

For this section, just write whatever you think about the topic...Pick at least five.

*TNA I like TNA, but I don't watch it very often, I usually get my brother to tell me if Christian or Aj are on. lol. I'm sad, I know.

*John Cena One of my favorite wrestlers. Personally, I think he is a great wrestler, and his looks don't hurt either, but sometimes his thug-ness..if that's what you'd call it, gets on my nerves. He is pretty funny, though, and seems like a sweet guy.

*Tim White

*2006 Hall of Fame Inductees I like all of them, the ones that I have seen. I don't really know anything about Bret Hart, but yeah, he is cool anyways. Eddie, of course, I was happy to see that he was getting inducted, as well as the rest of the wwe community. Gene, is just one of those people, I just love, even though I never watched them in the ring...or announce in his case.

*WWE Tag Team Division (or lack of)Wow. They don't ever put a big emphaisis on the Tag teams. It's kinda of sad. All you hear about is, wwe championship, world heavyweight, over and over. Which really sucks, cause I really like tag team matches. =/

*Edge Not really a fan of him or his ho...I mean...well, yeah she's a ho. It's probably because, one of the boys I watched was a HUGE Cena fan, so I became a I have been one my whole wrestlign watching career, and I have never not liked Cena, so when He went against someone, I automaticly hated them. So yeah. Though I did find some stuff with him and Christian and I thought he was pretty cool then.

*Wrestling Gossip Sites

*The Ultimate Warrior



*Triple HBleh. I only really like his song and finisher. Again, the other boy I watched was a 'tista fan. lol. SO yeah, I was raised(lol raised) on Hating Triple, plus he gets on my nerves.

*John Laurentis

*X Division

*Ring of Honor

*The McMahon family

*WWE (in general)

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