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Thoughts on Vengence...

Orton vs. Angle in a great opener. Wait?! Weren't these guys in Smackdown's main event at Wrestlemania? Huge Pops for Angle and many ECW chants. Crowd gave Orton a face reaction for beating Angle. Sloppy finish and also, the RKO sucks.

Headshrinker Jamal squashed Eugene predictably and then beat up some crappy and extremely washed-up "Legends".

Foley lost to Flair and used a trash can (Ironically of all weapons) to have himself DQ'd to lose the 2nd Fall. "If Flair loses, we riot". Hilarious.

Nitro won the IC Title. They move you to RAW as punishment and then a month later, you win a title? Ok?! Was I the only one wanting Carlito but KNOWING WWE would be dumb enough to put it on John Hennigan. Fuck. But he'll be a much better champ than Shelton Benjamin. That's for certain.

RVD beat Edge. Uh, what?! RVD challenged Cena after both of their matches. The title returns into Cena's hands on RAW. I hate to say it, but it's a fact...

Old Kane beat Kane. All you have to know is that FOLLOWED A WWE TITLE MATCH and the Charlotte crowd, the home of Kayfabe... chanted "Boring".

Cena beat Sabu with the STFU. Whoopie. More ECW guys getting buried. Cena got very little reaction. Fun. Which was not a way to describe this match as it was predictable WWE Lumberjack match with shitty wrestling combined. What a way to put over your new "pet project" Vince...

DX beat the Spirit Squad. I don't even need to complain about 2 guys going into God mode and beating 5 men. Johnny had his nose busted open the hard way and took 2 tags right after it including taking a good Pedigree.

Alot of well known ECW chants. "You fucked up" at Cena's botched FU through a Table to Sabu. "TNA" sign behind JR and the camera quickly moved. The Pro-ECW feel was heavy in a crowd known for sticking to Kayfabe. Hey, Steph. YOU FUCKED UP!

Slammiversary, for it faults was a better PPV. I can name alot of positives from the PPV. Steiner putting over Joe. The X Division Rankings match. The Tag Title match.

What positives can you take out of Vengence? RVD keeps his title one week longer than Edge? Forget that. All I can say is this, Victory Road will be 2X the PPV of Summerslam and 4X the PPV of the Decent American Bash.
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