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I found this is some chicks journal, thought i would share.

Vince McMahon has come up with a plan to help John Cena's support from the fans. The philosophy he has come up with will address Cena's limited in-ring performance. McMahon was behind the idea of having Triple H verbally attacking Cena's in-ring ability. He has come to realize that he can no longer ignore the crowds dislike for Cena. There will be more promos criticizing Cena as a bad in-ring performer over the next several weeks. Before McMahon came to realization that it would be best to not ignore the crowds response, management were committed to protecting Cena's image due to the long-term plan of keeping him as a credible opponent for Triple H and because he plays the off-air role of a champion very well.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

(from Cena-Thuganomics.Com)

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