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Wrestling's Demi-Smarks

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18th July 2006

the_teflon_god2:06pm: ECW Commentary
Rhino's Anti-ECW promo on TNA

Well, all you need to do to prove Rhino's points on TNA is to look at tonight's main event. There are 2 Sports-Entertainers on the main event of a Wrestling show. If WWE wants to keep ECW pure, they need to stop forcing Sports-Entertainers onto ECW.

Fault 1: Kelly needs to go or have her face time lessened alot. It's obvious Paul thinks she can be the next Kimona or Beulah, but even they didn't get a 5-10 minute segment. Her segment is so cliche and redundant, I think Knox has rubbed plenty of heat from her. Let him feud with Sandman and shove her in his corner.
Fault 2: ECW Wrestlers are not "Rebels" and "Vixens". They are wrestlers.
Fault 3: Names ECW made are being jobbed out. Only win a ECW guy with a small contract has recieved is by DQ.
Fault 4: Speaking of DQs, ECW (At least the one before 2001 like TNA) hates DQs.
Fault 5: Sabu, like Cena is dreadful in the ring but is someone fans love for his professional yardtarding and spots. Tell me why he deserves a push?

For ECW's faults there are some good things. Just these faults hurt the pure nature of ECW as a whole.

Test, Knox and Show may not exactly be what ECW fans like, but they are about giving people who didn't get the opportunity to shine a chance. Test is a solid big man and should do well if he'd lay off the P.E.D. (It's too obvious). Big Show has looked great. I am shocked that he actually has a submission move and it looks solid also.

The Sandman is getting a push. The man who WWE ripped his character off for their blockbuster star "Stone Cold Steve Austin" deserves it despite how ok he is inside the ring.

CM Punk is getting face time. Soon this kid will be a singles champion in ECW. He's extremely talented, VERY Charismatic and as tough as they come. Need proof? Watch his Ring of Honor matches with Samoa Joe, Colt Cabana and Steve Corino.
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28th June 2006

the_teflon_god4:14pm: Name Change
Although this community by all accounts isn't really active... I am the former totallydumbazz.
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26th June 2006

totallydumbazz5:06pm: Thoughts on Vengence...
Thoughts on WWE VengenceCollapse )
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2nd May 2006

etoilegyrl1:34pm: This was f'n awesome....

Joey Styles promo from last night's rawCollapse )

Your thoughts?

26th April 2006

etoilegyrl5:18pm: Thought this might be interesting....probably won't be up much longer, watch while you can.....




7th March 2006

downstraightup_8:20pm: I found this is some chicks journal, thought i would share.
Vince McMahon has come up with a plan to help John Cena's support from the fans. The philosophy he has come up with will address Cena's limited in-ring performance. McMahon was behind the idea of having Triple H verbally attacking Cena's in-ring ability. He has come to realize that he can no longer ignore the crowds dislike for Cena. There will be more promos criticizing Cena as a bad in-ring performer over the next several weeks. Before McMahon came to realization that it would be best to not ignore the crowds response, management were committed to protecting Cena's image due to the long-term plan of keeping him as a credible opponent for Triple H and because he plays the off-air role of a champion very well.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

(from Cena-Thuganomics.Com)

totallydumbazz7:26pm: This is a huge read... Check it out only if you have time...

If I ran the WWE...Collapse )
totallydumbazz3:04am: ...cause I'm a 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time champion....Collapse )

1st March 2006

downstraightup_7:53pm: vote on this now...SUCKA!
...cause I'm a 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time champion....Collapse )
etoilegyrl1:31pm: Welcome!
So...yeah, welcome to the community. Feel free to start new discussions and stuff. This community's just getting started so there's not a lot going on yet. As soon as we get some more people, I'll start having contests and things.
Sound good? (I really suck at intro posts, don't I?)

But for right now, even if your auto-accepted, fill out your app (just for fun)....

And also, this comm needs a layout...what kind of theme would you like to see?
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